San Diego music cats pick their top three at Street Scene 2002

Source: San Diego City Beat #3
Date: September 4th, 2002
Author: Troy Johnson

Sure, we could draft a map of the best shows Street Scene 2002 is offering. But, eschewing the myopic nature of music journalism (which we truly enjoy every other day of the year), we decided to open the doors to some of San Diego music’s primary players.

We asked them for their top three picks at this year’s event and a short response to, ‘Why?’ The results proved one thing: music people are crate-digging historians. They appreciate legend. Thus, James Brown, George Clinton and punk granddads Bad Religion got the most votes. As well, San Diego’s longest running rock enterprise, Rocket from the Crypt, notched a large share.

Anya Marina wanting to see some Convoy ass is as valid as J Snodgrass’ wish to throw “BT sucks” stickers at the DJ. The Locust’s Justin Pearson simply hates them all.

So here they are: some of San Diego’s music’s most interesting cats tell you where they’ll be during the big event. (And yielding to my god-given prerogative as music editor, I give you my cent and a half as well.)

DJ Snodgrass - Electronica Musician

  1. Rocket From The Crypt - "I heard they are Ja Rule’s favorite band, so they must know how to kick out the jams. Rumor has it that Ashanti will be singing backups for Speedo."
  2. Ozomatli - "One of my personal all-time punk rock moments: Shaking hands with Mike Watt as he was tapping his feet to this sexy rhythm machine many years ago."
  3. BT - "Only so I can make fun of him for producing N-SYNC’s ‘Pop’ and throw ‘BT Sucks’ stickers at him."

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