Premiere: The Snodgrass – There Is A Light That Never Turns On

Source: Inverted Audio
Date: Oct 13th, 2023
Author: Mathias Chaboteaux

Over two decades since their inaugural release, San Diego via Seattle-based record label imputor? return with a 4-track EP from the cognitive science and computation wizard Jordan Snodgrass, better known as The Snodgrass.

Over the years of composing with the IDM duo Calculator Man & Hangar, plus punk-rock band Rocket From The Crypt, The Snodgrass has become a multi-wired nomad packed with modular experiments, acid earthquakes and IDM. His latest release, ‘Music for 1 Musician‘ is a single-take recording entirely captured in North Park, San Diego.

Our pick from the album is ‘There Is A Light That Never Turns On’ thanks to its ethereal dance ceremony conducted by highbrow creatures. It’s a stargazing soundtrack for dull tellurians, jamming with gauzy drum pads, sluggish synth harmonies, and intricacy of FX sounds.

‘Music for 1 Musician’ is scheduled for release on 1st November via imputor?. Order a copy from Bandcamp.

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