Imputor? World Tour 2001 Preview

Source: SLAMM Magazine
Date: February 6th, 2001
Author: ??

Imputor Records, a self-described "semi-local label" has announced their big showcase which will include a mix of San Diego indie notables and out of town talent.

The lineup will feature The Silver Wizard (ex-Physics, Crash Worship and Way Out Sound), Aspects of Physics (ex-Physics, Thingy, Rice and Staccato Reads), Plastiq Phantom (ex-San Diego band gone Seattle), Diagram of Suburban Chaos and The Snodgrass.

Don't miss the free -- yes free -- fun. It all goes down Feb. 21 at the Juke Joint Cafe.

The label's founder is also offering, "drugs, prostitutes, and firearms...for the first 15,000 in attendance," but we're not holding our breath on that one.

For more information go to:

And, for "fully pirateable bootleg MP3s" from Imputor, check out:

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