imputor? v.so7.0 Review

Source: San Diego IMC
Date: April 22nd, 2002
Author: ??

Rollin' through the night, a subtle chill settles over the city, the lights of buildings and cars blink furiously against the darkness. Threading a trail through down-town towards the bay, my destination; the Juke Joint, the setting for this evenings entertainment.

A couple local record labels, Imputor and Rocket Racer, put this one together, featuring Random Number from Leeds U.K., DNTEL from L.A., The Snodgrass From right here, and DJ Wank Chopper. I hit the Juke Joint in enough time to wittness the evolution of the DJ set from mellow ambience and downtempo picking it up to unfimilair cuts of intricate drum-n-bass explosions. The atmosphere was relaxed, sparse pockets of peolple dotted the seating area, the dance floor was, and would be alomst the entire night, vacant.

The Snodgrass was up next and started it off from his desk top with some tight electro breakers, reminisent of tracks put out by CZKO, Autechre or Scam records, driven beats weaving in and out of sync patches, sparkling dynamics and sauntering melodies, in the low points the crackling of an old record and dialogue sift through. By the time The Snodgrass wraped up his set with a eligently constructed drum-n-bass piece the Juke Joint had become more densly populated with gleaming figures.

DNTEL started up with some drony guitar wash over sporatic, minimalist clicks and pops, entertwining in a fusion of harmonics and hushed vocals. DNTELs guitar player performed the entire set strumming with a bow, sometimes gently sliding across to violently bouncing off the strings, irradiating with gracious ambient tapestries, waving through the hard cranium into the frontal cortex. When DNTEL finished their last tune a distinct silence encapsulated those present, for a moment, serene eyes flickered about the room, adjusting, again, to the shadowy fixtures of this reality.

Lastly, Random Number took the stage, streaming fast paced tracks from a powerbook. Precise and hard kicks resonated among blistering snare rolls and intrinsic highhat rhythms, accentuated with a barage of cleverly placed effects. Floating, yet forboading meldies danced between the beats with supine exuberance. These were the only tracks of the night that would lure people to venture out to the dance floor, with solid foundations and twisting incantations bodies began to flow and bounce around the dim edges of the Juke Joint.

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