imputor? Presents Tigerbeat6's Paws Across America Tour

Source: Fahrenheit San Diego
Date: July 30th, 2003
Author: JM

As much as we'd like to say there's nothing much going on tonight, so you should drop everything and come watch Adam, Jessie, Demetrius and Elizabeth spin records at the Whistle Stop, we gotta give it up for Jordan Snodgrass. You may know Jordan as the man behind Imputor? Records. Well, somehow the dude has managed to set up this show featuring some of Tigerbeat6's best electronic music artists. Tonight, Kid 606, Dj Rupture, and Dwayne Sodahberk blast the Casbah to smithereens with crazy electronic madness. Oh, and Tit Wrench is playing too. Rad. $10 (8:30pm)

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