Jordan Snodgrass is a San Diego native, Imputor? Records co-founder, one half of IDM supergroup (LOL!) Calculator Man & Hangar, former Rocket From The Crypt Web Lackey, and graduate of UCSD with a degree in cognitive science and specialization in computation. Rather than spending those 4 years getting toasted and mastering hacky sack, he spent them researching the effects of monotonous drum beats on brainwaves.

Crumbs from his mid-aughts noodlings can be found scattered across the web: Remix work for San Diego's Tristeza ("Mixed Signals"), Via Satellite ("Cliff"), and Ilya ("Isola"), as well as a compilation appearance ("45 Seconds of:") alongside artists such as Lusine, DJ Spooky, Leafcutter John, Dntel, Electric Company, + a ton more. He has performed live shows with: The Album Leaf, Dntel, Hrvatski, Greg Davis, Fax, Thingy, The Spacewurm, Languis, IQU, Ursula 1000, FCS North, Randomnumber, + more.

A fried hard drive in 2001 derailed his music career, his debut album "It Takes A Nation of Inidie Rockers to Hold Me Back" lost to the unforgiving digital gods.

20 years later he returned with his second debut album: "Styloid Process EP," quickly followed by the "Growlbient" LP and the "Music For 1 Musician" EP.


Music For 1 Musician

Music For 1 Musician

01 Marbled Boutique Acid
02 Tamale Lady
03 For It Is The Doom Of Men That They Forget
04 Infill Development
05 Hendrik
06 There Is A Light That Never Turns On

Released: November 3, 2023
Label: Self


01 Archie
02 I Don't Have A Maths
03 Elam Drals
04 Energumen
05 Don't Visit My Grave So I Can Know Peace
06 Resonant Weirding
07 Spencer (Growlbient Mix)
08 Centloch
09 Victor Geist

Released: March 3, 2023
Label: Self
3-5 Mixes for Friends 02-03

3-5 Mixes for Friends 02-03

01 Ilya - Isola (The Snodgrass Mix)
02 Tristeza - Futuro (The Snodgrass Mix)
03 Tristeza - Futuro (The Snodgrass Hardcore Mix)
04 Via Satellite - Cliff (The Snodgrass Mix)
05 Via Satellite - Cliff (The Snodgrass Acapella Mix)

Released: July 29, 2022
Label: Self
Styloid Process EP

Styloid Process EP

01 Cistern
02 Lincoln
03 stdin/stdout
04 Tony Gwynnbleid
05 Pepitas
06 Anton (Slow Mix)
07 What A Time To Be Dead

Released: May 6, 2022
Label: Self


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